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Why the vast majority of our customers do not come from Vietnam?

There is a question that many people ask us on a regular basis here at Anh Thomas Investment. In fact, when the media or experienced investors start looking for more information about us, they quickly find out that the vast majority of our customers do not come from Vietnam. This is a surprise to many, as Anh Thomas Investment is increasingly known for its investments in the Vietnamese stock market and that one could naturally assume that Vietnamese would form the majority or at least a significant part of our clients. First, we would like to remind you that Anh Thomas Investment is a company looking for the best investments anywhere in the world. This is true that right now we are focusing on Vietnam for equity investing and Houston, Texas for real estate investing, but that can change at any time. Also, few Vietnamese are wealthy yet (even though there are a multitude ways to define who is wealthy and who is not obviously) and even if you don't need to be mega wealthy to invest in stocks, you must have at least a few thousand dollars to start investing, while you cannot hope to be a relevant shareholder without at least hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest. In addition, what could deter some Vietnamese to become our clients is that Vietnamese investors cannot use our real estate service, as it would be almost impossible for them to obtain a US bank loan and, like Chinese investors, it is still difficult for Vietnamese to invest large sums of money outside of their country.

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