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Vietnam stock market performance: July 2023

Amid a recent slowdown in GDP growth, the VN stock market has shown remarkable resilience, surging as the VN-index soared past 1,200 points. This marks a significant 20 percent increase from November's level of 911 points. The synergy of lower interest rates and increased margin lending, supported by government initiatives, has been instrumental in fueling this impressive bullish trend.

As of July 2023, the Hanoi index has surged by 5.4%, while the Ho Chi Minh index has gained an impressive 9.2%. Our reference portfolio has notched up a commendable 3.8% increase. Anh Thomas' long-term returns are nothing short of spectacular. Since its inception, the Anh Thomas portfolio has achieved an overall return of 736.6%, outshining both the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh indexes by a substantial margin (247.1% and 207.2% respectively). This impressive performance underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional value and returns.


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