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Why investing with Anh Thomas Investment?

Investing with Anh Thomas Investment allows you to relax while potentially earning large returns. We say “potentially” because unfortunately no one can guarantee returns when you invest in stocks or even in bonds or real estate. Our performance over the years speaks for us. An investor who has invested EUR 10 000 with Anh Thomas Investment 10 years ago has transformed this amount into almost EUR 60 000 by now. Over the last 10 years, our clients recorded losses only one year. A truly amazing performance. Our clients are individual investors who are looking to make gains while not having to worry too much about their investments. Investing in stocks as such is not that difficult. Even though investing in stocks of a foreign country like Vietnam is a little bit more complex it is still relatively easy. All you need is an online brokerage account to get started. The problem is not here. Problems start when it comes to strategy. Making profits on the stock markets is something that very few individual investors manage to do. In fact, roughly half of individual stock investors lose money on the stock market even when the markets overall rise. Another interesting fact is that in some advanced markets, nearly two-thirds of all stocks provide no real return, even before taxes. In short, you need more than a robo-advisor to make profits on the stock markets. If you think that you can choose stocks and stock funds on your own, the odds are against you. As an individual investor, your odds of picking the great winners are quite slim. We know many individual investors that were lucky enough (or smart enough) to pick outlier stocks like Google. However, even if you picked that kind of stocks it will always be hard to know when to hold the stock or when to sell it. Statistically, you are also far more likely to pick one of the two-thirds of individual stocks that deliver no real return. With Anh Thomas Investment, you have access to a wide range of investments types. We are constantly looking for the best investment worldwide. We know no borders. Limiting your investments to your own country is a mistake and this mistake is unfortunately very common. Many investors believe that the best value proposition in the world is in their own country. Believing that your country has the best market in all different aspects is a false belief wherever you live. For instance, investing in Vietnam makes perfect sense for several reasons. However, and despite our true love for Vietnam, is it the best country to work in in terms of income? Well, the answer is clearly no. The key here is that there is not one country that is number one on all aspects. You need to have an international mind and stop limiting yourself to your local market.

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