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Success: 1000 ways to see it

Success in life can mean many different things depending on who is asked this question. Achieving one's life can be for some having friends or having a close and loving family. While for others succeeding in life depends above all on material success whether it is professional or financial. We will here for obvious reasons to set aside family or relational parameters and focus on professional or financial success. Professionally speaking, success can come through a prestigious position or a high-profile position. Financial success, for its part, depends on significant income and very often also and above all through significant assets. The distinction between income and wealth is of major importance in our jobs. It is interesting to note that professional success, with the possible exception of political positions in some countries, often comes hand in hand with financial success. It is relatively rare to find people with high-responsibility jobs who do not benefit from significant incomes at the same time. However, it is possible to achieve financial success without having experienced a dazzling professional success. At Anh Thomas Investment, we are well placed to know that there are many people who are experiencing financial success, sometimes staggering, without necessarily being directors or business leaders, thanks in part to carefully chosen investments. But what exactly is financial success? There are a multitude of definitions of success, and even when you focus on financial success, which is only part of success, the definition is not that simple. Indeed, at Anh Thomas Investment we believe that a person's financial success is relative. It depends in large part on your family's financial situation and personal circumstances. Let's take the example of Donald Trump. Has Donald Trump succeeded financially? The answer is obviously yes. Did he get any merit? The answer is there, too. However, we cannot forget the family world in which Donald Trump grew up and the substantial legacy he received. Mohed Altrad, a prominent French businessman, now has a heritage comparable to that of Donald Trump. So, it's possible to say that Donald Trump and Mohed Altrad are two examples of financial successes and stop the reasoning there. However, when you look at Mr. Altrad's extremely difficult youth, (Mohed Altrad was born to a very young mother and his Bedouin father gave him away to his grandparents at age four following his mother's death)

you are forced to admit that his financial success is much more impressive than that of Donald Trump.

One thing is for sure though. Whether it's Mr. Trump, Mr. Altrad, or the vast majority of billionaires and multi-millionaires across the planet, these people have all agreed to take risks in order to be successful. This is what you too can do by investing with Anh Thomas Investment. However, there is no question of taking uncalculated risks. But keep in mind that if you refuse to take any risk, you will have to settle for poor performance for the rest of your life.

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