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Sport industry in Asia & Vietnam

Vietnam like many other Asian countries does not have a strong and rich sport background especially when compared to western countries. This weak history can be explained by several causes but the most important one is obviously that the poorer a country is the less its people are inclined to practice sport. Indeed, before thinking about practising a sport you have to be able to feed yourself and not to worry about other basic needs. As time pass by and Asian countries become richer we have noticed that Asian sport performances have dramatically improved. It is for instance interesting to see Asian countries performances at Olympic Games or noticing that many European football clubs have started to hire key Asian players. In other words, the prominence of Asian athletes at international sporting arenas has become more visible. Even though right now this trend seems to be mainly limited to South Korean (The most famous of all being by far Son Heung-min from Tottenham) and Japanese players it would not be surprising to see players from other Asian countries being hired in European football club soon too. The Asian sport industry is rapidly expanding. Football is very popular in Vietnam and Vietnamese people follow closely the British infamous premier league. However there is also a Vietnamese league and investments in the local league has started to ramp up over the recent years. This is of course not an investment that would fit all but it is nonetheless an interesting and exciting one for the coming years.

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