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Real estate investment vs stock investments :

It is possible to compare these two popular investment types with different criteria.

In terms of risks, investing in stocks involves more (some people will argue much more) risks than investing in real estate. This does not mean however that investing in real estate is not risky.

It is indeed much riskier than most people think. The only way you have as a real estate investor to make a decent return is to buy a property and than rent it. There are however risks associated with this. These involve the risk of not finding a tenant fast enough, or even worse not finding a tenant at all. Vacancy can be one of the most costly issues with a rental property! That is one of the reasons why it is so important to buy a property in a large and economically dynamic city. This is one of the reason Anh Thomas Investment advise its clients to invest in Houston in Texas, USA. However, the risks involved are not in any way limited to this one. Indeed, even if you find a tenant, will he or she be a good one? Paying on time, taking care of your property, respecting all of his or her contractual obligations? There are a few reasons you may have to fix something on your rental property. There could have been theft or tenant-induced damage. We know so many stories of property owners who rented their houses or apartments to families that looked lovely and ended up with having the worst ever type of tenants.

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