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China may grab the headlines, but beware of Vietnam

It has not always been the case but Asia is today the place in the world, which has the highest economic growth. As the largest country on the continent, China grabs almost all the headlines but that does not mean in any way that the other Asian countries are not worth looking at as an investor. Actually, this might even be quite the opposite! Let us have a look together at Vietnam. Vietnam is a poorer country than China but the south-eastern Asian country has very strong economic growth and has become over the years a shining star not only for Asian investors but for investors from all over the world. In other words, Vietnam might well be the new China while of course being it on a far smaller scale. Over the last decades, Vietnam has gone through many important reforms including financial, economic and political ones. The country was one of the poorest country on the planet only a few decades ago. Obviously, the Vietnamese war was in partly to blame for this. However, since the 80’s the country never stopped evolving and never failed so far to take the right decisions when needed. In recent years, Vietnam has taken difficult but necessary measures in order to reduce its deficit. The goal of the government is to get grip on the country’s public debt. The government has also tool drastic measures against corruption, which was seen as major liability for many potential investors. Lastly, the country has started investing massively in infrastructure while supporting the private sector in this matter. When you look at all of what has been accomplished over the last couple of decades it should not come as a surprise to notice that Vietnam is now becoming a very attractive place for worldwide investors. If you want to invest in Vietnam too, just contact us at and we will let you know how we can help.

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