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Anh Thomas Investment has relationship with the best Vietnamese brokers

In a previous post we have reviewed why you should invest in Vietnamese stocks by buying stocks directly. In other words, if you are willing to invest in Vietnam, your investment should not be through an etf since it would give you only a small exposure to the south-Asian country’s enormous potential and would not allow you to have any control on the specific stocks you would own. So the next question is now how do you directly buy/own Vietnamese stocks? The good news is that this is not too difficult. You basically need three things: 1. You need to open an account with a Vietnamese broker. Anh Thomas Investment has relationship with the best Vietnamese brokers and we can assist you in opening your account. The process takes a couple of weeks because of the administrative burden but is still a relatively easy one. 2. You need a bank account in Vietnam. Once again, Anh Thomas Investment can help. This bank account will be the one where you money will be transiting from your country to Vietnam and respectively. Of course, as you can imagine, opting for a strong broker and a solid bank is of primary importance. 3. You need to select what stocks to buy and which ones to avoid. Because of the intrinsic complexity of the Vietnamese markets (language and local technical specificities), unless you are Vietnamese with a full background in Finance and trading, this step should only be done with the assistance of professional advisors like us. Contact us at to discover more.

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