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Avoiding bias in investment decisions

At Anh Thomas Investment, we are fully aware of the risks coming from behavioural biases. Behavioural biases can strongly affect an investment decision. They can also make you miss good investments. At Anh Thomas Investment we are also firm believers in diversity and we think that this could be the way to avoid these biases. Diversity can be achieved in different ways but the most important type of diversity in our industry is about having employees with different backgrounds and different views. On the political side for instance, we have a much diversified team. Our team is international but since many of us have lived (or at least travel there on a regular basis) in the USA many of us tend to have a strong opinion about US politics. Some of us tend to be more on the republican side while others tend to be democrats. There are smart people on all side of the political spectrum. In a business like ours is always good to have a team of people who have different ideas and do not necessarily share the same values. One of the reasons for which is that important is because our clients too are diverse with different values and objectives. Having a diverse team allows us to avoid bias in our investment decisions. A diverse team means different opinions and different approaches to a similar problem. Diversity of opinions should always be cherished in order to make the right investments.

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