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Minimum sum to invest in Vietnamese stocks?

When it comes to investing in Vietnamese stocks, we are often asked by prospective clients what is the minimum amount required to qualify for our services. This information can be found in our in our website’s FAQ section. If you live outside of Vietnam, like most of our clients, you have to take into account fees to convert your money in Vietnamese Dongs and fees to transfer your money from your bank in your own country to your bank account opened in Vietnam. The fees linked to converting money into a different currency is proportional to the amount you convert. The fees charged by your bank to transfer money between the countries is however fixed. It is usually very low, and around 30 dollars for a transfer. So if you were to transfer $1,000 from your bank account to your bank account in Vietnam you would lose 3% in transfer fees. But if you were to transfer $10,000, you would only lose 0.3%! That is an important difference that you should not neglect.

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