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Anh Thomas Investment is a private fund and a financial advisory firm incorporated in the US with offices in South-east Asia.

We offer our clients access to investment opportunities that are not readily available elsewhere. As a global investment advisor, we provide personalized guidance to our clients, regardless of their country of origin, on the best investment options around the world. One of our areas of expertise lies in Asian start-ups, and we are excited to offer our clients exclusive investment opportunities in this dynamic market. We specialize in stock investing, with a particular focus on the rapidly growing Southeast Asian stock market. 


Stocks provide the best returns over the long term and advising our clients on this type of assets remains our core business. Since diversification is important, we also advise our clients on other types of assets including Real Estate assets and bonds, which allows our clients to obtain returns that are less volatile (but unfortunately also lower) than stocks.

Our business model works extremely well, and we keep expanding our client base mainly by word of mouth. Our clients come from many countries and contribute to make our company even more international. 

We believe that human psychology and access to information are the two pillars of successful investing. Our team of experts understands the impact that emotions can have on investment decisions and provides guidance to help our clients stay focused on their goals. Additionally, we are committed to providing our clients with the best available information and data to support informed investment decisions. With a focus on both human psychology and access to information, we are confident that we can help our clients achieve their financial goals

In our business, trust is not optional. We can't guarantee the future, but we can guarantee that we will always treat our customers like family and that we will always work with your best interest in mind. In fact, your interests are 100% aligned with ours thanks to our fee system structure.

Join our growing international client base and let us help you grow your net worth!

Our current portfolio is not publicly disclosed, however, some of the companies we have invested in directly or indirectly in the past include:

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