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You have to understand that there is no miracle on the stock markets

The last tip we have is this: You have to understand that there is no miracle on the stock markets. In other words, making money on the stock markets is far from systematic. For example, when the market as a whole collapses, the likelihood that your portfolio will also go down is extremely high. Many people think that investing in the stock markets will make them lose everything and on the contrary, many others think that investing in stock markets is a way to get rich quickly. These two extreme points of view are false. If you do it right, it is almost impossible for your portfolio to go to 0. On the other hand, you will not double your investment every year (at least not in a sustainable way over the long term). It has been proven time and time again that equities are the asset class with the best long-term performance. Investing in the stock market, especially if you invest in emerging stock markets such as Vietnam, should allow you to significantly increase the return on your savings, but you should not expect to get amazing returns every year because it certainly will not happen. There will be good years and bad years, and you will have to agree with that, because that's part of investing in stocks. Our benchmark portfolio, which represents the portfolio of our Vietnamese equities, is a very large and well-diversified portfolio, but remains strongly affected by volatility. In 2018, it lost 9.7%, while in 2013, it had increased by 30.1%.

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