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Why investing in Vietnam with Anh Thomas Investment?

Vietnam is located in the heart of Asia. The country enjoys beneficial and growing trading opportunities with many other Asian countries including China, Japan and India. This is not it. Vietnam has closed ties with the ASEAN members. ASEAN members include developed countries like Singapore but also include countries that still fall far behind but benefit from very strong economic growth, we could mention here countries like Myanmar, Laos or Cambodia. All these economical and geographical ties make Vietnam a very good place full of investment opportunities to foreign investors. At Anh Thomas Investment, we have investors coming from all over the globe. Many of clients come from Europe with countries such as the UK, France and Spain being very well represented. Our clients are attracted by the endless business opportunities that are becoming available in Vietnam. We also have quite a lot of prospective clients interested I investing in Vietnamese properties. However, it is still difficult for most foreigners to purchase a property in Vietnam. Also, as you may be aware if you follow us closely on our blogs, at Anh Thomas Investment we do not have a very optimistic view on property prices in Vietnam. This does not mean that we believe that there is a property bubble but instead it means that we believe that there are alternative investments that are simply better than this one to consider. For non-Vietnamese investors interested in Vietnamese properties, an alternative might be the Thailand property market where foreign investor are ore welcome. There are actually quite many reasons that explain why Thailand is so attractive to foreign investors. Nonetheless, we do not think that the Thailand property market is a good investment either. Investing in the Vietnamese stock market is one of the best investment idea that you may have.

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