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When prices simply do not make sense

There are also times when prices simply do not make sense. It was the case in Tokyo in the 1990's. Tokyo's property prices have crashed since then. As we have seen, it is not wise to compare property prices between different cities if you do not look at all the variables. Even if you end up looking at two very look alike cities, comparing prices might be a good thing to do but it would not be the whole story. Let say Dallas and Houston, two large cities in the sane state of Texas, both are growing cities with vibrant economies and great potential. Property prices in both cities are relatively similar. Never forget that if you buy a property with the idea to rent it, a couple of variables are of primary importance. Among these variables: the population of the city, the economic environment and dynamic of the city. Houston is a perfect example of a city where you find everything that matter to buy to let investors. It is indeed the fourth largest city of the United States of America with a population of more than 6 million people and it has a vibrant and dynamic economy. If you are interested in investing in Houston just contact is at If you just want to buy a property without renting it, your options will be far less restricted, you will also have far less work and hassle but you will also obtain far less returns than with a buy-to-let property.

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