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Vietnam is attracting record amounts of foreign direct investments

As the U.S. and China hammer out an elusive trade deal, Vietnam is attracting record amounts of foreign direct investments. This is not only FDI but also Foreign investment into Vietnam that rose considerably in 2019. Foreign direct investment rose 6.8 percent year-on-year to USD 17.62 billion in January to November of 2019. In addition, FDI pledges for new projects surged 3.1 percent from a year earlier to USD 31.8 billion. In fact, Foreign investment and FDI are two similar but somewhat different notions.

The vast majority of Anh Thomas Investment’s clients are interested in investing in the Vietnamese stock market but do not come from Vietnam. Why are most of our clients non-Vietnamese? Simply because not many Vietnamese are rich enough yet. In fact, even though you do not need to be super rich to invest in stocks (technically a couple of dollars could suffice) you need to have at least a couple of thousands of dollars to start to invest. Also Vietnamese investors can't use our real estate service since it would be close to impossible to get a US bank loan and that similarly to Chinese investors it is still hard for Vietnamese to invest large sums of money outside of our their own country. Vietnam applies some restrictions on outbound investment. This is because Vietnamese fear for their money and feel that their money would be safer abroad.

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