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As soon as money is involved, one thing becomes more than important: trust. It is like when you have children and you need a nanny or a childminder to look after them. You simply do not have the right to make an error. You love your children and you have worked hard to get the money you have, it is normal that you care a lot about both and that you are not able to let someone you do not trust to manage it. The risks are just too high. So, what do you need to get the confidence you want? It all depends on each person. Some people need someone who has been advised by friends or family while others are looking for skills and performance. As far as we are concerned, word of mouth has been by far the method that has made us grow over the years. "To gain trust, money and power are not enough; you must care about others. You cannot buy trust in a supermarket. "- His Holiness the Dalai Lama Our team here at Anh Thomas Investment likes this definition of trust that we found on the internet:" Trust is feeling safe when you are vulnerable ". At Anh Thomas Investment, we do not guarantee returns, because no once can.. but what we can promise you is to do our very best and always defend your interests. Many wealth advisors or financial advisors have products to sell to their customers, we do not! Our fees are only performance related so our interests and yours are always aligned.

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