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There is always hope - March performance review

The month of March has been what we could call a month of stock market horror. There is now no doubt that the Covid-19 will have a large, negative impact on global economic growth. Even though all our clients’ portfolios and our reference portfolio lost value during the month, our outperformance over the Vietnamese stock indexes was rather good. Over the month, Ho Chi Minh index is down by 25.0% and Hanoi index is down by 15.5%. Our reference portfolio is down by 17.0%. Anh Thomas returns over the long run are quite impressive. Since being launched, Anh Thomas portfolio overall return is +233.9% greatly outperforming both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh indexes (+34.2% and +66.2% respectively).

Interesting point is that our reference portfolio is now up by close to 15% in April... Crazy volatility? Indeed. You have to be very careful these days with your investments strategy. Do not be the person who sold all his/her stocks in March and hence missed all of the spectacular rebound of April. Helping you making the right decision is our job and we are committed to it.

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