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Real estate investment vs stock investments:

These two types of investment are without any doubt the two favorite investments of most investors. Commodity investment is still reserved to more advanced investors while art related investments seem limited to the very rich. Real estate and stock are also the two types of investment we currently advise on here at Anh Thomas Investment. For the real estate, we focus on Houston real estate market (in the US state of Texas) where we believe the prices are still extremely low (despite the solid growth we have benefited over the last couple of years) and where the rent are on the other side quite high: in other words as an investor there you can obtain large rental yields. Regarding the stock markets, our focus is naturally the Vietnamese stock markets where we believe long-term investors can record substantial (which our clients already have over the last decade) if not massive gains. When it comes to comparing performance between these two types of investment, there is no doubt that in average and over the long term performance will be higher with stocks than for real estate. We know that it has not necessarily be the case for all markets over the last decade. However when you take a long term horizon (that is more 20 years), stocks always over perform real estate. Investing in stocks also involves taking more risks since there is unfortunately nothing magic here. The old adage that risks and returns go hands in hands is still well alive in the twenty first century.

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