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Real estate investment vs stock investments:

It is the usual duel between these two most popular investment types. There are different ways to compare the two and today we are going to review it in terms of workload. This is a really interesting approach since workload is a factor often overlooked by prospective investors. What is meant by workload is simply how much time you will need to spend working on your investment. In terms of workload, stock investing requires quite a lot of work when you start (especially the stock selection process, even though purchasing a property is not an easy and quick process either) but after that it should be relatively easy to follow up and as long as you are a long term investor (which you should always be) there should not be too much work to do. If you decide to invest in Vietnamese stocks (which right now seems like the right thing to do) and become one of our clients, even the stock selection process will not take you long or it can even take you no time at all if you decide to simply strictly follow our advises (some of our clients prefer to make the final decision while others just follow our advices). Investing in real estate would be a whole different story and will for sure requires you to spend hours of what would have been your free time to take care of different matters. These matters include among other things taking care of your tenants’ requests which can unfortunately sometimes become an extremely stressful experience.

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