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Quick analysis first half of October 2019

The first half of October 2019 has been mixed. As of the 16th, the HNX index is up by 0.8% while the HOSE index is slightly down by 0.2%.

It is interesting to note that the HNX index has over performed the HOSE index over the last 2 months.

This is a totally new trend since the HOSE index had considerably over performed the other Vietnamese indexes over the last couple of years.

When one looks at the longer trend with the YTD performance, one thing that clearly appears is that the HOSE index still overperforms the HNX index. As of the 16th of October 2019, the HOSE index is up by 10.2% while the HNX index is only up by 1.6%.

In terms of sectors and industries, banks have been the largest gainers over the last 30 days.

On the other side, over the same period of time, Oil & Gas stocks have recorded the worst performance.

The indexes show very different valuations. As of yesterday, the VN30 index had a Price to Earnings superior to 20.1 while the HOSE index had a Price to Earnings of roughly 17 and the HNX index had a much smaller Price to Earnings of 9.2. Is this enough by itself to conclude that it would make more sense for investors to buy stocks from Hanoi exchange? Well, no. However, there are other arguments that makes us think that indeed the majority of interesting stocks at the moment are to be found in the capital’s exchange.

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