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How well do individual investors in the stock markets?

This is not breaking news and it is a well known fact that unfortunately the vast majority of individual investors underperform stock indexes. This is already not good news by itself obviously but unfortunately this gets worse than that. In fact, not only the majority of individual investors underperform indexes but a good proportion of them even end up losing money (you can of course underperform the indexes while still obtaining positive returns). Individual stock investors in the US return in average between 1% and 2% per year. These returns can be considered as being very low returns when you know that, still in average, stock indexes can easily increase by roughly 10% per year. An important point to highlight here is that we are talking here about individual stock investors who do not use any professional advises. In a way, our clients can fall under the definition of individual investors in the sense that they are not professionals and that they invest their own money. However even if they keep the full control of their trading activities, they are fully guided in their investment process by professionals, that is us if you prefer. That makes all the difference. Our clients have managed to earn high returns over the years. Sometimes, some of them do not strictly follow our advises, this is their rights. It has already happened in some circumstances that they were finally right to do so too, in fact no one can be right all the time and we are wrong sometimes. Luckily for us, we have been right most of the time which explains our success today.

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