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How to quickly become rich?

This is of course a provocative question. should we be ashamed to write such a post on our blog? Well in our defense this is exactly the kind of questions you can read anywhere online. Unfortunately, most of the time answers are incorrect. Sometimes they are incorrect just by genuine mistake but sometimes they are incorrect intentionally Which is obviously a much more annoying problem. Let’s face it everyone is trying to find a way to become rich quickly, that’s the dream of most of us. Unfortunately, as financial advisors we can tell you that they are very limited ways to become rich very quickly while there are a multitude ways of becoming rich on the long run (and we absolutely know these methods here at Anh Thomas Investment!). On a short term basis, there are very few ways to become rich. You can naturally become very rich very quickly if you win the lottery alternatively you could also become very rich in a short period of time if you create a business with a revolutionary idea. Assuming that you are part of the 99.9% of people who are not going to win the lottery or that unfortunately you are not about to create the new Facebook, the only remaining way to become rich will be through different type of investments and by having a smart global Financial strategy. This will of course requires not only a lot of work but also many years. Many of our clients started investing with us almost 10 years ago now and have managed to become not necessarily what you would call rich (this really depends of your own definition) but at least extremely wealthier than they used to be. Agreeing on what it means to be rich is not an easy task. If you have a total net worth of let’s say £100,000 and that you live in London we are almost sure that you will never qualify as being a rich person. However keeping this same example and the same net worth of £100,000 but this time for someone living in a developing country especially if this is in a rural area then this could be considered as being rich. Being rich is all about perception and the environment where you live in. To come back to our original question, the answer is that it is almost impossible to become rich quickly however it is possible, and when we say possible we mean extremely possible, to become rich over the long term if you make the right financial decisions. The question is what do we mean by making the right financial decision? Well, there are different ways to take the right financials decisions. For some of you, stocks will certainly be the best way to accumulate assets over time. This is simply because stocks have proven to be the best type of investment over the long term for any investor who is willing to take on some risks. If this is your case and if you are willing to take some risk, then why not considering investing in stocks and why not doing so with our help? Just contact us at

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