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How much money can I make when investing in Vietnamese stocks?

How much money can I make when investing in Vietnamese stocks? This is of course a recurrent question from our prospective clients. It is also at the same time the first question asked and the most frequent one by far. Unfortunately it is a hard question to answer since the answer depends on a multitude of variables. First of all, how much money you will make will depend mainly on two factors. These two factors are by far the most important ones. The first one is simply how much you will invest while the second factor is maybe a little less intuitively and is how long you will invest. How much money will you make will also depends on other factors that sometimes are 100% out of your control including the valuation of stocks at the time you make your investment. Your performance will also depend on how well the Vietnamese economy is doing during the time of your investment and on how the world economy is doing too. To come back to the importance of how much you will invest initially, let us take two examples: our first investor invests 10k euros and our second investor invests 100k euros. Even if the first investor takes much more risks than the second one (let say by using a 2x leverage and by choosing high risk stocks for instance) he or she will certainly not be able to reach even only half of the gains of our second investor. A 10% gain on a 100k euros investment is 10K euros while with a 10k euros investment it would only be 1k euros.

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