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How do you start if you want to invest in Vietnam and buy Vietnamese stocks?

How do you start if you want to invest in Vietnam and buy Vietnamese stocks?

Once you have decided that buying stocks in Vietnam was the right thing for you to do, the next question you certainly have in mind is ok how do I do it now.

The good news is that it is not as difficult as it may look at first glance.

It all starts with one choice.

You have to decide if you want to invest through an etf or if you want to be able to pick individual stocks. Investing through an etf offers many advantages. Among these advantages, we can cite cost, simplicity and diversification. Indeed, ETF is relatively cheap (even though you have to pay fees regardless of the performance of the fund, contrary to when you invest through Anh Thomas), it is also easy to invest in and finally most of the etf will provide you a great deal of diversification. It is interesting to note however that this diversification is also possibly the main drawback of investing in an etf. You will not be able to find an etf that purely invest in Vietnam for instance. Instead, they will always contain stocks from different countries notably Taiwanese stocks.. But anyone who understands a bit about investment would know that investing in Taiwan is a totally different matter than investing in Vietnam. Vietnam has much more upward potential, a much better demographic situation and the two countries (if Taiwan can be considered as a country) economic growth are very different as well (Taiwan being around +2% per year while Vietnam being around +7% per year). So we have seen that ETF is not a good solution if you want to invest in Vietnam; in an a future post we will see how you can directly invest in the Vietnamese stock markets.

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