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Cultural differences and why they matter when you invest

As an individual or as an investor, you might think that cultural differences aren't that important. In a way, you might be right. The problem is, when you invest, you also have to consider what the majority of people think. This is where it gets interesting. Indeed, the fact that these cultural differences matter to other investors and have a big impact on how they invest in ripple effect is something incredibly important to you as well. One thing is for sure, successful investing is a complex process that is not available to everyone. Perhaps a good example of the difficulty of investing is this: Sometimes it can make perfect sense to buy investments that you think are already too expensive. Why would you do such a thing? Simply because no matter what you believe or what is actually true, as long as most people believe (and will still believe in the near future) that a specific investment is worthwhile, it is indeed good no matter what. fundamental. For example, an investor may be 99% sure that the London property market is overvalued, he or she may have every good reason in the world to believe and be fundamentally right, and despite all of this he or she may still want to invest. in this market. Why ? Simply because he or she might rightly think that there is no reason for most people to change their minds about valuation in the near future and as long as that perception does not change, prices will not change. 'have no reason to collapse. As long as a large number of investors continue to believe that the prices of an asset will continue to rise in the near future, then the prices will rise. Of course, in the long run, there will necessarily be a correction at one point or another to realign the prices to their fundamental basis.

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