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Coronavirus impact

Coronavirus has a terrible impact on the worldwide economy and is largely affecting the stock markets. We have many clients panicking and asking whether they should sell their stocks or not. At Anh Thomas Investment, the way we work is simple to comprehend. We have a pool of specialists in different areas, we have many meetings and we all talk together to find a consensus. We have notably a senior economist advisor, a couple of legal advisors both internal and external and of course a majority of pure financial specialists. When we think of the ideal team, many of us might imagine a group of people with a shared vision, all agreeing with one another, and all on the exact same page. However, this may not be as advantageous as it initially sounds. So sometimes, we disagree. Coronavirus is not an easy issue and it is hard to reach unanimity. This is not limited to us, you just need to look for instance at the World Health Organization and the European approach on how to handle the coronavirus. Two very different views. Only time will tell us who was right or wrong. At Anh Thomas Investment, we believe that the Asian approach to the virus was the right one, so we are in line with the WHO on this matter. Now, knowing exactly what is going to happen to stocks is another story. We still have a negative view on US stocks and this is not something new. However, Vietnamese stocks seem very attractive in term of prices right now.

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