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Client success story in buying Vietnamese shares

We like to share our client’s success stories from time to time. Even though we will not give the name of this client for obvious privacy reasons, please note that he has agreed that we share his story below on our blog. At Anh Thomas Investment we take information confidentiality very seriously and while some of our clients do not have issue with sharing their information, others do, which is something easily understandable. Today’s success story is about a client who found us following a recommendation from his brother who happened to be one of our first clients back in 2011 when the company started its activities. This client has a really international profile but spends most of his time in Hong Kong while visiting the US on a regular basis at least twice a year. He is now retired but he used to work in the financial industry as a project manager. This is a kind of profile that we often face at Anh Thomas Investment. Many of our clients work in the financial industry or who knows a relative who does. However, the financial industry is large and just being part of it does not mean that you automatically have all the skills and knowledge (but also the time!) to successfully invest in stocks and that is especially true when you invest in a foreign country like Vietnam. Our client invested roughly 100k euros in 2011 then he added an extra 50k euros 2 years later. A of today, the client has more than 500k euros in his portfolio.

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