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China will surpass the US soon

Some (they are - fortunately or unfortunately depending on where you stand on the topic - fewer and fewer as times goes on) Americans and other anti-Chinese believe that the US might be able to keep its first place in the world stage even in the long term. Their views are that the Chinese growth will slow, that Chinese are not able to innovate but instead that they base their growth in copying occidental technologies or finally that the US demographics compared to the Chinese one will help the US to remain first. At Anh Thomas Investment we are not buying these theories. Of course it would be safer for us to write that "you never know" "something might happen" but as you might know by now we are not at all like that at Anh Thomas Investment. There are some topics on which we have very strong views and this one is one of them. In our minds, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that China will surpass the US very soon. The real questions are the following:

· When will China overcome the US in terms of nominal GDP?

· Will China be able to become the superpower on all the aspects?

These are real tricky questions, and there is no easy answers yet.

Only time will tell.

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