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The best way to invest in Vietnam

When you have decided to invest in a specific country there are different ways to get the exposure you are looking for. First of all, in theory, you could invest in different types of asset. You could decide to invest in the local property market or you could opt to invest in stocks. If you want to know our views on different markets including property markets you can use this link.

Investing in the local property market is not always easy and is actually quite often impossible.

When it comes to Vietnam specifically investing in property is indeed currently almost impossible for non-Vietnamese investors so this option can be quickly ignored. So the only way to get exposure to Vietnam’s booming market is through stock investing. You then have two options: investing through an ETF or investing directly through a Vietnamese stock broker.

Investing in stocks in a foreign country can in fact be done through different channels. One way that you will often read about online is to invest through ETF. Another way, the way that we believe is the best is to open a broker account in the country directly in order to buy local stocks. We will review in more details in a later post the pros and cons of investing in ETF. This is a really interesting topic that need to be discussed and developed properly. If you do not understand all the differences between investing through an ETF and investing in stocks directly through a stock broker, the first thing you need to do is make searches and make sure you improve your knowledge.

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