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Why high property prices and high local gold prices may mean strong potential for Vietnamese stocks

There is no obvious links between gold prices and Vietnamese stocks prices at first glance. However when you understand how the Vietnamese people invest their money you quickly understand that there might be a link and even a strong one. In general it is true to say that Vietnamese lack trust in their own country’s economic system. This is even truer when it comes to stocks. The only ways for Vietnamese to invest are then, investing in the local real estate market (which is one the reason that explain why property prices in Vietnam are so high) or investing in gold. When you live in a country and do not travel too much abroad it can be difficult to see that the world is changing fast. Some Vietnamese still have reflects from their country's past. Of course many of them realise the opportunities that living and being able to do business in a country with a 7% annual growth offer. At the current time, the main investors in the Vietnamese stock markets are still financial experts and large funds. They know that Vietnamese stocks are cheap and have the potential to provide very high returns in the next decades or so. One day, Vietnamese people will be rich and they will be more financially educated too. This day, they will massively invest in Vietnamese stocks just like Americans do. This day, Vietnamese stocks might become less an opportunity buy, but right now is a perfect time to invest for the long-run.

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