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Different generations different opportunities

Many young people think that they are less lucky than previous generations. Not only that, but you can also often hear that argument in the medias these days. What is interesting is that some older people also believe that their generations were not that lucky. We are not here to say who is right or wrong but we believe that there are pros and cons for each generation and each generation has its opportunities. For instance, young Europeans (especially in France and the United Kingdom) are well aware of how hard it is to buy a house or a flat nowadays. There is no doubt that it was much easier twenty years ago. Over the last twenty years prices have tripled while incomes did not follow at all this crazy trend.

At Anh Thomas Investment we believe that many property markets worldwide are indeed overpriced at the time being. You can find more on this by clicking on the following link. However we also firmly believe that each generation has its own opportunities. Young Europeans may have less opportunity to get in the property market at a good price but they also have other investment opportunities that previous generations did not have.

The world is for instance much more connected now than it was twenty years ago and that unleashed many new opportunities. We believe that this generation has the chance of internet globalisation and being able for instance to buy Asian stocks with great potential returns over the long run. Something that previous generations could have never even dreamed of. So let's start thinking positively!

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