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Investing in Vietnam: another client success story

Today’s client success story is about a Spanish young woman living in Roma in Italy with a Swedish boyfriend and investing her savings in Vietnamese stock markets. What an international profile that is and definitely not an ordinary one. Even though we will not give the name of this client, please note that she has agreed that we share her story below on our blog. So once again, we have a European client with a very Internationale profile investing in Vietnam. When she opened her brokerage account in Vietnam three years ago, she had only 10,000 euros in her portfolio. Three years later her portfolio reached 17,550 euros a staggering 75% increase in only three years! The client has what could be described as a small portfolio, but she managed to make it dramatically grow in a very short period of time. She is the proof, if needed, that you can make profits and start investing with a relatively small initial investment. At Anh Thomas Investment, we have a high rejection rate of new clients but the size of the investment is often not the reason why we reject a prospective client. Most of the prospective clients we refuse are those with unrealistic expectations and those who do not intend to invest for a long period (that is at least a couple of years). Her story is only one of the numerous client success stories we have in Anh Thomas Investment and we will soon share on this blog many others.

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