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Client success stories

Over the next blog entries, you will get the chance to read some stories about our client’s success stories.

Our first client success story is a French client who left France a couple of years ago. Even though we will not give the name of this client for obvious confidential reasons, please note that he has agreed that we share his below story on our blog. He has an international profile, visiting many countries on a regular basis. His total net worth at the time he contacted Anh Thomas Investment 4 years ago was around 600k euros. He is now retired but when he first contacted Anh Thomas Investment he was still working as a financial consultant for a big international company. He visited Vietnam several times in the past and was astonished to see that the country was so energetic despite being so poor. At the time, he had some exposure to some French stocks but almost all of his net worth was invested in real estate, which is something quite common in France. His investments were not making him a lot of money and his total net worth was stagnating. After contacting Anh Thomas Investment 4 years ago and invested 100k euros in Vietnamese stocks, he now has a portfolio worth of 160k euros and his total net worth increased from 600k euros to 700k euros in large part thanks to his investment in Vietnam. His story is only one of the numerous we have had in Anh Thomas Investment and we will soon share on this blog many others.

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