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What types of investments you can do in Vietnam?

There is no surprise here to say that even though there exists other possible types of investment there is two main types of investments in Vietnam, which are real estate and stocks. Both have their own advantages and drawbacks but none of them is easy investments to make especially for non-Vietnamese investors. Indeed, investing in the Vietnamese real estate market for non-Vietnamese investors is not straightforward to say the least. The Vietnamese property market is attractive to many investors worldwide and this is especially true for Asian investors. Most of these people have already invested in the property market of their home country, generally owning their main home and having one or several other rental property assets. Many of these people start to investigate in the Vietnamese property market while knowing little or nothing about it. Their first surprise?

A big one! Property prices in Vietnam, especially in the largest cities, can be extremely high! That comes as a shock for many international prospective investors. However, the good news is that the rental yields are still reasonably high and that taxes in Vietnam are very low. Regarding the stock markets, most of the investors interested in this type of investments are what we could call sophisticated investors. They often have a moderate to strong financial background and are able to analyse the data quite easily but they still need help for institutions like ours to help them in the decision process. Find out more about how Anh Thomas Investment can help you to invest in Vietnamese stocks.

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