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How to become rich fast

The title looks engaging but let's start by clearly starting that we (and anyone else) do not how to do that without eventually taking high risks of losing everything. Investing in stocks is one of the best ways to become rich but the problem in the title is with the word fast. It also depends on how you define fast. Are we talking about months or years?

Becoming rich naturally depends on the size of your initial investment. The Vietnamese stock markets have had very good years recently where the main indexes got up by 50% or more. With an initial investment of $100k that would have translated into a sizeable gain in excess of $50k in these years but with an initial investment ten times smaller the gain would have be reduced to $5k only. One way to obtain more with your investment is to use leverage but as you may already know we are totally against leverage at Anh Thomas Investment. Using leverage is in fact one of the best way to lose all your investment.

Coming back to how becoming rich fast, it also depends on what you consider to be rich. This notion is very subjective indeed. Should a person be considered rich with $100k in bank account but without owning any other asset or should we consider rich only people with more than a million dollar of net worth for instance? There is no universal definition of what being rich means. Regardless of your own definition, investing in stocks or worse in real estate has indeed the potential to make you rich or at least richer but this will not transform a poor person into a rich one overnight.

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