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Making money investing in Vietnamese stocks: what returns can I expect?

Knowing the returns you could get is of paramount importance.

It is obviously impossible to know the exact returns you will get when investing in a risky investment. When you put money into a bank account in a developed country, you know (technically not totally) the returns you will get, but you also know that this return will be low and it is impossible that they will be extremely high.

When you invest in equities, especially if they belong to an emerging market or frontier market like Vietnam, your returns are difficult if not even impossible to determine.

If you look at the last 9 years in which we have been in business, the worst performance was recorded in 2011 (between May and December) with a performance of -14.9% for the Hanoi Stock Index. At the same time, the Chi Chi Minh stock index posted a return of -11.7%. The year 2018 was also bad for the Hanoi Stock Exchange, its main index recording a loss of 10.8% over the year, while the stock market index Ho Chi Minh posted a loss of 8.3%.

Regarding the best returns, the best year is clearly 2017: the Chi Chi Minh stock index posted an impressive + 48.0%, while the Hanoi stock index posted a similarly impressive 45.9%.

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