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You want to buy Vietnamese stocks but do not know how to start?

You want to buy Vietnamese stocks but do not know how to start?

Anh Thomas Investment can help.

In fact our team is made of professionals coming from different countries. This allows us to have the required local knowledge to help independent investors to invest in a specific country.

We are focusing our advises on the Vietnamese stock markets because this is where we believe the best returns can be found at the time being. We also help our clients to open brokerage accounts in the country they desire.

Over the years, Vietnam has become Asia’s hottest investment destination.

Foreign investors pour capital into the South-east Asian country and we believe that this is only the start of a long trend.

While Vietnam has been attracting most of the investment in infrastructure, a new foreign investment trend is emerging in the country: technology and innovation.

In fact Vietnam is increasingly becoming a modern country and the Vietnamese people, who are well-educated and ambitious, show a lot of interests in the new technology.

In short, Vietnam is emerging as one of the most rapidly expanding tech ecosystems in the World.

This is something that is not yet well acknowledged by the population in general but academics and experts start to bet on Vietnam.

Why do some people find this surprising? Simply because Vietnam is still a poor country and that half of it population still work in agriculture.

But things change and the World is changing fast.

So do not miss the train, contact us and start investing in Vietnam!

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