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What distinguishes the company from the competition?

Meet with Duc Anh, one of our three portfolio advisors: What distinguishes the company from the competition? Duc Anh: First of all, our performance obviously! Our performance has simply been outstanding with +29.4% in 2012, +47.0% in 2013, +30.1% in 2014, +18.8% in 2015, +18.6% in 2016 and +27.6% last year. What also distinguishes us from many of our competitors is that we are a purely advisory company. We charge our clients a fee based on their portfolio's past performance. This process has several implications. One of them is that when the clients do not make a profit they are not charged any fees! This simple mechanism allows the clients' interests to be aligned with ours. Another implication is that the clients can be assured that they will not face any hidden fees. Finally, it is also worth noting that we never have direct access to the clients' money.

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