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Meet with Duc Anh

Meet with Duc Anh, one of our three portfolio advisors: Could you let us know more about the typical clients of Anh Thomas?

Duc Anh: Frankly speaking there is no typical client. We have clients from many different countries with diverse financial capabilities. Even though the majority of the clients have large portfolios, we have quite a few clients with small portfolios. When I say small portfolio I mean in the low tens of thousands of US dollars. We try to avoid refusing clients with small portfolios as much as possible because we always keep in mind that a small portfolio today is not necessarily a small portfolio tomorrow. As such, there is no minimum required to start to invest in Vietnam with us but since you need to take into account currency conversions and our fees (you pay fees only if you make profits) we usually recommend the clients to invest at least $5,000 to $8,000.

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