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Market update

Today, we initially planned to post our January performance (which has been tremendous). However, we have thought that talking about what is going on right now on the markets was more important. Markets go up and down it is part of their nature. Historically, there have been plenty of crashes (even though we are NOT in a crash at the present time yet) in the stock markets across the World but the important thing to highlight is that after each of them, a market recovery has taken place. Crashes should not worry any investor with a long-term horizon. Vietnamese stocks have raised a lot recently, with more than 50% rise last year.. this trend was simply unsustainable. Similarly, the US stock markets have more than tripled since the last crisis. At Anh Thomas, we see two very different situations between the US market and the Vietnamese one. We see US stocks as being overvalued while Vietnamese stocks seem fair valued to us. Let's clarify it, we would stay away from US stocks at the present time.

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