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Anh Thomas Investment is an advisory company and not a fund

Vietnamese stocks performance

Because Anh Thomas Investment is an advisory company and not a fund, there are different ways to look at our performance. The performance of our benchmark portfolio is published monthly and reflects the true performance of our strategy. However, each of our clients holds a stock portfolio with a unique composition and performance. This is because each investor has his/her own characteristics with different attitudes to risk and different timing in cash flows and that some of our clients sometimes decide not to follow all our advices.

In 2017, our benchmark portfolio underperformed the main indexes for the first time since its creation. While our portfolio focuses on value stocks, large market capitalized stocks have attracted most foreign investors over the last twelve months. Nonetheless, our clients have once again made large returns this past year and half of them (see Median client return above) achieved returns exceeding +24.4%. In average, our clients returned +23.0% in 2017.

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