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A quick look on the main Vietnamese indexes performance since the beginning of December

Today is the fifteen of December and the year is coming close to an end. It’s time to look at the semi-monthly performance of the main Vietnamese indexes. Last month has been a crazy month for the main Vietnamese indexes with Hanoi index finishing the month up by 9.1% and Ho Chi Minh index up by a staggering 13.5%! Things have cooled down a bit and Hanoi index is down by 2.7% since the first of December while Ho Chi Minh index is also down by a more modest 1.6%. YTD performances of the two main Vietnamese indexes are extremely strong with +39.3% for Hanoi and +40.7% for Ho Chi Minh. Obviously, these trends are not sustainable over the long-term no investor can reasonably expect the markets to perform so well in the coming years.

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