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You have nothing to pay if you do not make a profit

With our advisory portfolio management service, you have nothing to pay if you do not make a profit. How can we do that? Well, if you look at our performances, which are certified by the largest and more renowned Vietnamese brokers, you will see that we made very large profits over the past years. Our clients made a lot of money and since our fees are performance-related, we did too. Does it mean in any way that this trend will continue in the future? There is absolutely no way to answer that and nobody can. Investing in stocks involves many risks, unfortunately. Our first aim is to make our clients make money; our second is to try to beat the indexes. We generally do very well on both of these objectives even though this year, at least so far, we slightly underperform indexes…but our clients still make money with average YTD returns of around +14%. That could be worse, to say the least.

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