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Overcoming Biases to Promote Wise Investing

As human beings, we are sometimes wrong.

But sometimes you can also find false information and totally biased articles.

A perfect example is the below article found in The Diplomat.

First of all, Vietnam does not face a demographic crisis.

Vietnamese population is getting older (and wiser as we are used to say?) and that a natural phenomenon that we see everywhere else on the planet. Vietnamese fertility rate remains close to 2 which is way higher than in China, Thailand, Japan or even higher than in Europe. Second of all, a country can of course get older and richer at the same time There is no economic rule against that. Finally, the article’s last sentence clearly shows that the article is oriented against the Vietnamese Community Party. It’s also worth mentioning the last article found on the Diplomat about Vietnam called “What is behind Vietnam’s rising violence” while Vietnam is by all standards a safe country with low crime. We all have biases and it is a good exercise for an investor to recognise bias in an article. Among the most important things to check when you read one are the headline’s neutrality, to check whether the article seeks to hurt anyone and lastly examine the statistics and studies cited.

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