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Welcome to Anh Thomas Investment


With us, you'll transcend boundaries, gaining the ability to invest on an international scale. Our exceptional track record and the endorsements of our satisfied clients speak volumes about the excellence of our services.

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I am interested in investing in VIETNAM AND EMERGING MARKETS

Investing in Vietnam offers the potential for high returns due to its strong economic growth, youthful population, and strategic location, making it an attractive destination for global investors.

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I am interested in investing in EUROPE AND USA

Investing in Europe and the USA is seen as safe because of their stable political environments, strong legal systems, and investor protections, making them ideal for risk-averse investors. 

Our achievements

Vietnam stocks

On average, our clients investing in Vietnamese stocks have experienced a 597.4% increase in their investments since our company was established in May 2011.

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US real estate 


Property price performance since 2011: +124.1%

Property price performance over the last 5 years: +53.0%

Property price performance in 2022: +11.3%

Our clients also recorded average rental yields of 11.9%

Real Estate performance
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