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When it comes to financial advises and guidance the first question that you should ask yourself when you discover a firm like ours is: “Are these guys regulated?".

Unfortunately, depending on where you live, Anh Thomas may not be regulated by your local regulator Not being regulated does not mean in any way that you cannot do business with us. 
The reason we might not be regulated is straightforward, we are still a relatively small company but with our services we cover the whole world. 

Our clients come from many different countries and we have sometimes just even one client in a specific country (say hello to our only client from Ukraine ;-) ). 
In addition, and this is of primary importance for you to consider: we do not have access to our client's money at any time.

For stocks investments for example, we assist our clients to open a stock broker account in Vietnam but the relationship remains 100% between our client and his/her Vietnamese stock broker. 

We work only with the most secure and the largest brokers including:

SSI Securities Corporation

Anh Thomas Investment remains a relatively small company. Being regulated in each country our clients come from would be extremely time consuming and that is why we chose to set up our company in Delaware, USA. We mainly expand our client base by word of mouth. Basically, we started advising friends and family members and they started to talk about our services to their own friends and family members. Word of mouth has been our main and by far most effective marketing tool so far. It is free advertising triggered by customer experiences when these go beyond what they expected.