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How Anh Thomas Investment helps people in need in Vietnam

Despite being successful in a lucrative industry, Anh Thomas Investment remains a small firm. We are still indeed what you can call a small family owned company. However, being small does not mean that we cannot help our communities. Anh Thomas Investment is a profitable institution that has been lucky enough to record profits years after years since its inception. How did we manage to be profitable all these years? It is possible to answer this question with a simple word: performance. We charge our clients based on the performance of their portfolios and since our clients are doing very well, we are doing well too. This is a win-win situation. Being successful is great for sure but as we mentioned in a previous post, being successful is even better if you have people to share your success with. When we share in success, we pick each other up and motivate each other to succeed. We feel compelled to be there for one another, and not let each other down. First, if all there is our staff of course who do an amazing job. There is also the community and we say community we are thinking of Vietnamese people that are unfortunately still poor. Vietnam is a country with exponential growth but the country comes from so far that there are still many people who need to survive with less than 1 dollar a day. Several of Anh Thomas Investment employees are Vietnamese and we know very well how important any contribution can make. We have spent thousands of dollars to help poor handicapped Vietnamese kids. We brought toys, clothes and even food. As John Bunyan once said, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

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