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Artificial intelligence is going to change the world

There is no doubt that AI is going to change the world. Let's review a practical example of where Artificial intelligence is already a revolution and how productivity can skyrocket thanks to it.

Going from Montpellier south of France to London can be done by three different ways. You can drive by car, you can take trains (via Paris) or you can take a direct flight from Montpellier to London. Of course planes are faster than trains. If you drive it will take you somewhere between 11 and 15 hours depending on your average speed and the number of breaks you will take. By train, you will need to take a tgv (train grande vitesse) and an Eurostar. From door to door it will take you around 8 hours to complete the trip. A direct fly from Montpellier to London is only 1 hour and a half. However this represents only the flight as such and does not include checking in, baggage claims and passport controls. When you add everything up you end up with a total time of roughly 6 hours and a half not really far away from the train, while for which you have to take not one train but two and make a transfer in Paris between two train stations. AI will make border checks faster (it has already started to do so thanks to biometric passport checks) and you will be soon able to arrive at the airport just before getting in the plane.

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