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A decisive time for all investors

Without any doubt, and unfortunately, we are witnessing something extraordinary with the coronavirus. Many people will lose or have already lost their jobs. The consequences on the global economy will be massive. As financial advisors, our clients keep contacting us asking a lot of legitimate and often very good questions. Most financial advisors have taken the easy route of telling what is going on to theirs clients without taking any strong decisions. It is indeed to tell the clients that buying stocks now can be risky but that it might also be a very good long term investment. These are banalities. What the clients are really looking for is for their advisors to tell them what to do. Should I sell my Vietnamese stocks? Should I sell all of them or instead just a portion of my portfolio and what stocks should I keep? Should I keep my portfolio unchanged and maybe even buying more stocks? Should I buy stocks in Vietnam or should I buy stocks in the US, Europe or China? Should I invest in gold? And above all when should I do what I should be doing?

At Anh Thomas Investment, we have a clear response to all these questions.

We cannot be 100% sure that we are right about what is going to happen but the past shows that we have been right most of the time. Our traders made a lot of money in 2008 by investing in US Bank stocks, we then helped our clients made a lot of money thanks to Vietnamese stocks and the Houston property market. We did not see the Coronavirus crisis coming.. but who did except some inside traders? However, we have a clear vision of how and when this could all end and we plan to make our clients make the most of it.

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