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Our fee system

There are a multitude of ways to charge customers for a financial advisor. Some advisors apply a rate per hour. Prices vary greatly depending on the quality, the qualifications of the advisor but also its location and specialities. In the major European countries, hourly prices usually start at 75 euros but can reach 500 euros per hour. Other financial advisers charge their clients for completing a project. In general, advisers charge for this kind of project several thousand euros. This of course also depends on the duration of the project and the amount to be managed. There are also financial advisers who charge for ongoing fees.

At Anh Thomas Investment, we have a unique approach to fees:

Our fees are almost totally linked to the performance of your returns,

Our advices are free for the first 12 months.

Once the 12 month period is over, if you have made profits you will receive an invoice that you will be free to refuse to pay.

If you refuse to pay the invoice, we will simply stop providing you advice, which will not prevent you in any way to continue trading or to close your account and send back the money to your country.


​​Many prospective clients are surprised by our fee system and especially the fact that our clients can potentially benefit from our advises for 12 months for free. Many find it too good to be true.

Our fee system works because of the quality of our service.

Indeed, as of today, none of our clients has ever refused to pay an invoice.

This is simply because our clients realize that our advises make them gain much more money than what the service costs them.

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